Frequently Asked Questions

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About Us

To be honest, it’s not a long or interesting story. It’s actually short and simple. I wanted
to provide women and men with textured hair a Plant-Powered alternative to natural hair care.

OurKnappyRootz believes in the ultimate hair health. This means we think about your scalp, follicles, shaft, and the health of your ends when creating our products.  

There are no lies in OurKnappyRootz. You can read every ingredient and understand why
they’re so beneficial to the ultimate health of your hair.  

Our products contain no synthetic scents, everything you smell is the natural scent of our oils, butters & herbs 

So to answer "Who is OurKnappyRootz?" We're every natural, the loc’d and the loose.   

Our Products

It means that all of our products are fueled by plants. Every ingredient in every product is derived from our wonderful earth!   

Great question! Because all of our products are made of natural ingredients, we'd recommend a shelf life of 12 months. By following our product usage chart below, you'll be completely finished with your products by the end of their shelf life and ready to pick up some more!   

Growth + Sealant Oil: 3 Times a Week

Dead Sea Salt + Seaweed Scalp Scrub Treatment: Every 2 Weeks for daily product use and 4 weeks for little to none product use

Spirulina + Lime Shampoo: Every 2 Weeks

Coconut + Myrrh Leave In: Every 3 Days

Processing & Shipping


Please note that all orders have a 4-5 day processing time, that is Monday-Friday from 11:00 am - 4:30 pm.   

During sales, and high volume times processing times can be extended without notice. In the case these times are extended, you'll be notified as soon as possible.  


OurKnappyRootz is not responsible for lost or delayed product. We always strive to have your products at your door in the estimated time; however, we have no control over issues associated with shipping, customs, or delivery. Please contact your Natural Postal Service for detailed information.  


If shipping to Canada please allow up to a week and a half (after processing) to receive your product.

If shipping to The United States of America, please allow up to 2 and a half weeks (after processing) to receive your product  

If shipping to the Rest of the World please allow up to 4 and a half weeks (after processing) to receive your product.

The times above are just estimates, products will most likely arrive before the estimated


To maintain product integrity, we are only able to accept returns/exchanges if the product arrives damaged or defective. The postal service will inform us when products are damaged in transit, we'll reach out as soon as we can! Please email us at for additional information.