Who Is OurKnappyRootz?

To be honest, it’s not a long or interesting story. It’s actually short and simple.

I wanted to provide women and men with textured hair a Plant Powered alternative to natural hair care.

OurKnappyRootz believes in the ultimate hair health. This means we think about your scalp, follicles, shaft, and the health of your ends when creating our products.

There are no lies in OurKnappyRootz. You can read every ingredient and understand why they’re so beneficial to the ultimate health of your hair.

Our products contain no synthetic scents or fragrances. Everything you smell is the natural scent of our oils, butters & herbs

So to cut a long story that was supposed to be short – short. Who is OurKnappyRootz was the question right?

OurKnappyRootz is every natural, the loc’d and the loose.