Spirulina + Lime Shampoo

Spirulina + Lime Shampoo

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OurKnappyRootz Spirulina + Lime Shampoo is jam packed with nutrients that aid in cleaning, disinfecting, moisturizing & growing healthy natural hair. Which Shampoo do you know moisturizes your hair WHILE you’re washing it? I’ll wait..

Size: 16oz of pure magic in a bottle! 

Recommended: All Hair Types

Powered By: Castile Soap, Spirulina, Lime Oil, Essential Oils

Just to note: 

  1. The green part that settles at the top is Flax Seed and Spirulina mixture
  2. This product is not the same consistency of other shampoos, it's very liquidy. We recommend applying the nozzle to your scalp instead of to your hands

Directions: Apply the shampoo directly from the nozzle to your scalp, massage, and rinse. Repeat if needed

All of our products are made with 100% natural-quality ingredients. Color & consistency may vary. Don’t worry, this won't affect the product.