Support Reforestation & Plant a Tree!

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$1 from every order is automatically donated to plant a tree. But, you now have the opportunity to plant a tree and support reforestation without ordering from OurKnappyRootz. It's super simple and only takes 2 steps for your tree(s) to be planted. 

How it works: 

1. You donate. You can donate as many trees as you'd like. 1 Tree is a $1 donation!

2. We'll immediately send your donation in & the team over at OneTreePlanted will plant your tree(s) in the rainy season

You'll receive an email with a certificate from Onetreeplanted with more information about your tree(s) & where it's going to be planted.

Trees can be planted anywhere in: North American, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Europe, and The Pacific 

Once your tree(s) planted you'll receive email updates on how your tree(s) doing & who you've helped.

Trees are absolutely VITAL for the health of not only humans but our planet. 


Thank you for not only supporting OurKnappyRootz but also Reforestation.

OneTreePlanted - Click for more information on the Organization that plants your trees!