Locs, are a distinctive hairstyle that celebrates the natural texture and individuality of hair. Formed through a process of matting and twisting, locs embody a unique fusion of cultural significance and personal expression. This unconventional style not only serves as a powerful visual statement but also represents a journey of self-discovery and self-love, as each strand weaves a narrative of growth, resilience, and authenticity.


Stages of Locs

Starter Locs: The beginning of the journey, as your hair starts to lock and form the foundation for your locs.

Baby Locs: The locs are beginning to take shape, still in their infancy but showcasing potential.

Teen Locs: As your locs mature, they gain length and character, reflecting your personal journey.

Mature Locs: Fully developed locs that exude strength and individuality.


Types of Locs:

Freeform Locs: Embracing the natural process, allowing locs to form organically.

Traditional Locs: Cultivated through palm rolling or twisting methods, offering a more uniform appearance.

Sisterlocks: Small, uniform locs created using a precise grid pattern.

Comb Coils: Formed by coiling strands of hair with a comb, resulting in defined and cylindrical locs.


Loc Maintenance:

Retwist: Regularly twisting the new growth to maintain a neat and polished appearance.

Interlocking: A method of weaving the hair to encourage the locs to tighten and mature.

Palm Rolling: Rolling sections of hair between your palms to maintain a cylindrical shape.